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Manori de Silva is taking on the International Sector at Stanton Law. Qualified as an attorney in England (solicitor) and the United States, she uses her understanding of cultural differences to help European companies to do business in the United States. She also helps American companies navigate the complex web of worker protections in Europe.
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Click here to check out Todd and Manori on air with Atlanta’s Business Radio!






Author: Todd Stanton

Todd is the founder of Stanton Law, LLC in Atlanta, GA, where he is focused on helping companies avert employment-related issues without sacrificing managerial efficiency. “I take great pride in being able to provide counsel to employers and help them achieve practical solutions to what are often very personal, and potentially expensive, problems. I feel very lucky to be where I am right now, doing work I believe in. I really have a pretty good gig.” View all posts by Todd Stanton →

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