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Apr 27, 2012  |   By Todd Stanton →

Ready for your COBRA Audit?

The 1986 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act  (“COBRA”) requires certain employers’ group health insurance plans to offer qualified beneficiaries (including employees, former employees, and certain dependents) the opportunity to continue health insurance despite events (such as termination) that would otherwise result in the loss of coverage.   Information on employers’ and employees’ rights and obligations under COBRA can be found here:  Compliance with COBRA is     Continue reading

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Apr 19, 2012  |   By Felicia Crawford-Smith →

HR Insider: Pregnancy & the ADA

I recently had lunch with a friend who is happily expecting her first child. While this is certainly an exciting time for her and her husband, she couldn’t help but be anxious about her company’s attitude concerning her pregnancy and the new arrival. Specifically, when she asked the company’s HR Manager about her options for time off before and after delivery, the Manager told her     Continue reading

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Apr 1, 2012  |   By JoAnne Donner →

Creating a Conflict-Conscious Workplace

Conflict comes in all sizes and shapes.  It can be both constructive and destructive, productive and unproductive.  But one thing is certain:  where there are people, there is the potential for disagreements, disputes and interpersonal flare-ups that can undermine the health and well-being of any environment. Being aware of the different types of conflict and knowing how to manage them are quickly becoming core competencies     Continue reading

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