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Mar 20, 2012  |   By Todd Stanton →

Unpaid Internships: No Panacea

Especially in these tough economic times, your company is looking to cut labor costs however it can.  And if you can, at the same time do, a favor for a deserving young person looking to gain industry experience, all the better.  An unpaid intern for your organization, then, would seem like a great idea, right?  You get free help and the intern gets a resume     Continue reading

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Mar 6, 2012  |   By Felicia Crawford-Smith →

An Effective Social Media Policy

A couple of years ago, a manager stormed into my office demanding that I launch a full investigation into something that had been posted anonymously online.  The particular social media website about which he was complaining allowed employees to post reviews about their company, and while not mentioned by name, the manager suspected that the employee was talking directly about him.  While I could certainly     Continue reading

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