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Feb 26, 2012  |   By Todd Stanton →

Overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act

The most common problem I’ve encountered since opening up my practice is employers who are not compensating their employees correctly.  Unfortunately for these employers, wage and hour cases are big business for plaintiffs’ attorneys, and the Department of Labor loves making examples out of unsuspecting employers who are, in many cases, simply uninformed about the intricacies of compensation law.  Even a single FLSA violation (even     Continue reading

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Feb 12, 2012  |   By Todd Stanton →

EEOC’s New Rules Extend Recordkeeping to GINA

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission earlier this month issued its final rule extending employers’ record keeping obligations under Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act to those organizations covered by the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act, or GINA. Effective April 3, 2012, employers with 15 or more employees must retain all personnel and employment records for at least one year – or until any charges and     Continue reading

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Feb 5, 2012  |   By Jennifer Keaton →

Would $8,300 Earn You A Promotion?

Research confirms what HR Professionals already knew:  employees that are in the divorce process are often less productive, stressed, and more prone to distractions and increased absenteeism. A recent study by Integrated Organizational Development estimated the cost per worker going through a divorce at about $8,300, an amount that not only quantifies the decrease in productivity of the affected employee, but that number also incorporates     Continue reading

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